Kurt Novack

photo of kurt novack


Zen Garden - Up, Up, and Away

Custom designed CSS to create a rocketeer Zen Garden theme.

Zen Garden - Shin Chan

Custom designed css to create a theme based on the "children's" show Shin Chan.

Rodchenko Interactive Poster

Interactive poster celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Russian constructivist Alexander Rodchenko.
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3744px x 2592px

Urbaniculture Online Magazine

Mock up of an online magazine website focused on responsiveness and ease of use.

Portfolio Template

Portfolio design exploring various uses of PHP and minimal design.



A set of three posters illustrating the necessity of washing one's hands before entering a computer lab.

9 x 12

What's in Your Water?

A graphical representation showing that although the water has been bottled, the consumer does not know if it is truly "pure."

17 x 22

2014 Winter Olympics Cup

Designed to be a promotional item that hypothetically could be sold during the upcoming winter olympics.

5 x 9

MoMa Design Store Clock Bag

Influenced by a watch available within the MoMa design store. This bag represents a promotional item that could be given out to customers during special events.

12 x 14

Senator Horse Poster / CD Case

A concert flyer with instructions on the back that allows the option of converting it into a cd case.

9 x 12

Wreath of Envelopes for Keep | Delete

Art piece made for the book Keep|Delete, a project dedicated to creating art based on memorable text messages.

2ft x 5ft